Hello and Welcome to My Introduction Post…
To make this Easier I’ve set out 10 Questions which will allow you to get to know me more. If you have any others feel free to write in the comments sections.

Q1) What’s your Name and Gamer tag?
My Name is Jack (JHB1990)

Q2) Where are you From?
I live in Derby, UK where I’ve lived for 10 years.

Q3) How long have you been creating content and Gaming?
I first started streaming and creating You tube Videos in April 2019 but I’ve been Gaming since as long as I can remember. My first real memory of gaming was playing Super Mario Bros on the NES at my Nan’s house where me and my siblings would compete for who could finish it the fastest.. This is where my competitive streak started Haha

Q4) Tell me something about yourself we won’t know?

I love and watch pretty much every single sport but I’m not very good at any Haha. In my time playing sport I have broken my ribs twice and my ankle 3 times… think it’s safe to say I wasn’t made to be a sportsmen, 🙂 

Q5) What’s your favourite Console?
My Favourite console of all time has to be the N64. The N64 was released in 1997 and I remember my Dad buying it with Mario Kart 64 (I was always Wario) before getting Golden Eye and Diddy Kong Racing. I went to a UK Games Expo in Manchester in 2019 where I bought my own and I’ve been known to stream it once or twice.

Q6) What’s your favourite Game?
This is probably the toughest question of the lot as I’ve played so many great games over the years. It was difficult to select just 1 game so I’ve done my top 3.

  1. Goldeneye (N64) – My first FPS style game and is still a go-to for me when I’m feeling a bit nostalgic 
  2. Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas (PS3) – I’m not usually the kind of guy who can play Action Adventure Games without getting bored… Quickly… But this game is just incredible. Probably the game I’ve spent most time on.
  3. Halo (Xbox) – Still one of the best FPS games ever made which set precedence and the standards for the future of the gaming world. Whenever I go to a Gaming convention Halo Combat Evolved is always on the top of the list for me

Q7) What’s your Favourite Game Franchise?
This was an easy one for me and for most people who are already part of the ’90s Club or watch my stream will know instantly it’s Call of Duty. I’ve probably played every Call of Duty since its their first release in 2003 either on Xbox, PS and PC. Although Call of duty lost their way in recent years in B03 and Infinite Warfare we’ve seen some great changes in BO4 and MW.

Q8) How/When and Why did you start Streaming?
I started streaming in April 2019 when I was playing Black Ops 4. Before this I was watching other streamers like Dr Disrespect, Shroud, Dr Lupo and also watching “The best plays Compilations” on You tube but the main reason I started Streaming was because of AJ. We always had a good laugh and joke while gaming and funny moments or kills just seemed to come natural so one day he said to me that I should start streaming === and I never looked back

Q9) How has your stream changed in the last year?
…..A LOT….. My first ever stream was initially on You tube directly from my PS4. PS4 has a great application where with just a few clicks you can start streaming which is so easy to set up and do.. Even if it looked and sounded terrible Haha.

First StreamsI quickly moved to Twitch and bought myself a capture card to stream through desktop with OBS, Camera, Microphone and overlays. I was very much a Newbie at this and it took many… Many…. MANY you tube guides and videos to get it set up and running but before long it started to take the form of a professional streamer…. Apart from being on a beanbag in the front room HAHA.

middle streamsI saw some great growth around this time so I decided to create a space in my house which was set up for gaming and streaming. I updated my desktop and all my gear to allow me to stream at 1080p with a green screen… This is how my stream currently looks.

end streams

Q10) Where do you see your stream moving in the next Year?
I have set myself some goals for 2020. 

“All successful people have a goal. No one can get anywhere unless he knows where he wants to go and what he wants to be or do. ” – Norman Vincent Peale

Goals- End of 2020

Twitch Followers – 500
Twitch Subscribers – 30
Twitch Average Viewers – 15
Twitter Followers – 1000
You tube Subscribers – 300
most views on you tube Video – 500

Thank you very much for reading this post. Make sure you subscribe and follow so you get notifications for my next post.


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