Equipment Set up


Every F1 car has a 1.6 Litre 4-Stroke V6 Engine….

Every Concorde had a Rolls-Royce/Snecma Olympus 593 Engine…

Every Tesla Model S Ludicrous has a 100 kWh battery capable of 0 – 60 MPH in 2.275 Seconds…

And every Streamer needs the equipment to run their show and here’s mine…..

First up is my Monitors

For my Main screen and gaming I have a SAMSUNG 4K Ultra HD 32″  LED Gaming Monitor. I’ve been running with this monitor for the past 6 months and I haven’t had any regrets in my purchase… the only real issue is playing on the 32″ instead of the 27″…. Maybe size doesn’t matter haha… but if someone would ask me what size I would recommend for a desk gamer my answer would instantly be 27″. For my second monitor where I run OBS, Chat and stream deck I have a SAMSUNG Full HD 21.5″ LED Monitor. I bought this monitor around 6 years ago and has never served me wrong… I would never use it for gaming due to its size but as a secondary you can’t go wrong. If I were to give my main monitor a score out of 90… Because you know, ’90s club…. I’d give my main a 75/90 . Due to some initial colour distortion I’ve scored it low but this was fixed by watching youtube videos.

Headset – Steelseries Arctis 7

Have you ever bought a product and thought “WOW, HOW DID I GAME WITHOUT THIS” ??? Well this headset was exactly that for me… These are by far the best Headphones I’ve ever used and probably the best gaming accessory I have… I couldn’t recommend them more and if you are looking for an upgrade or change then look no further… Although their cost may be on the high side the design, Function, Sound and comfort is worth every penny….

BUT and there’s always a BUT…

If you’re a streamer then do not rely on this microphone!!! This mic is for in-gaming communication ONLY and will not give great quality for your viewers. I would always recommend any streamer or content creator to spend that extra cash on a Mic… We are in the entertainment business and people want to hear what you’ve got to say… 

(80/90) – Incredible headset but the mic is not for streamers

Speaking of Microphones….

Microphone – Samson G-Track Pro

My Microphone is the Samson G-Track pro. As a streamer I really wanted to ensure my viewers got the best content and could hear me loud and clear… This microphone gives me just that. If you want more details I suggest looking at this review

Although it’s a great microphone I must admit I’ve had a few issues, one being the cost and availability of accessories – If you want an adaptor which fits to a normal mic stand without paying an arm and leg for it then this product is NOT FOR YOU. Another issue is the USB interface port is quite temperamental. I had to replace this product after 2 months and with Samson mainly based in the USA UK support is bit limited but not impossible.

Although this microphone is brilliant for capturing sound from a desk on podcasts or interviews if you want it closer to you on a boom or shock mount I would suggest getting a blue yeti which may have cheaper accessories.

65 / 90 – I’m a harsh critic :-p

Camera and PS Camera

I currently have 3 cameras in my setup, Too many you may think but all are required. I use the Logitech C922, Microsoft HD- 3000 and the PS camera (Orginally for PSVR use).

The C922 is my main camera which I bought before I got a green screen to remove the background from my stream. This is a great feature and works a treat if you have a plain background (You can see this in action on Mike7_o_9 stream on Twitch). The Microsoft camera is not currently in use on my stream but I do have future plans for it. The PS camera is used as a microphone only so TEAM JAM (See “Meet the team” Page info for more details) – This means I don’t need to run PS remote play and removed the likelihood of latency issues on my stream.

Elgato Green screen

I use a collapsible Elgato Green screen. The idea of using a green screen came from being a fan of Dr disrespect. If you’ve never watched any of his streams or You tube highlights he is, in my opinion, one of the most innovative streamers in the business and his use of green screen functionality and backgrounds is very entertaining…. Hopefully in the future I can get a bigger space and setup to allow similar kind of entertainment style but for now a collapsible screen means keeping the gaming area clean and tidy and it’s so easy to put up and put away.

(85 /90) – fantastic product…. Hopefully in the future they can make it smaller…

Elgato Stream deck

I bought the Elgato stream deck around 5 months ago and it revolutionised my stream. This product has endless uses and not only can it be used for streaming but also for video editing, Controlling your programmes, sends tweets when you go live and I’ve recently hooked it up to the smart plugs in my house to control my lighting system and even turn the kettle on… The epitome of laziness haha.

It takes a while to set up and learn which folder has what actions but with the ability to add pictures and add titles after a few uses it becomes second nature and would be top of my recommendation to any content creator.

I’d suggest watching this review…

(80/90) – More and more uses are coming in every update… IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER


Let’s finish with the Deskop, So this desktop is from Hardr3acts/RoyalJester (Another streamer and PC guru) when mine wouldn’t reboot after a Bios update. With a few updates this gave me the ability to stream 1080p and was ready to power my stream. Specs Below.

Processor - AMD FX 9590
RAM - 16GB HyperX fury Black 1333mhz ddr3
Motherboard- Asus M5a99fx r2
Graphic card- Nothing to write home about - will be update soon
Power Supply- Corsair 550 Watt CX550M Semi Modular 

Thank you everyone for reading my blog

Let me know your RIG in the comments below and Don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you are notified for my next post 🙂

Cheers, Jack

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