Modern Warfare – 3 months in….

When it first came out, the hype for this game was incredible. Not since MW3 had myself and my friends been quite as excited for a game release from the Call of Duty franchise. Now, after approximately 3 months of very rigourous testing and many a rage quit, I feel in a good position to analyse the game as a self diagnosed, avid casual gamer.

Please bear in mind that this is mostly based around the online multiplayer aspect of the game.

The gameplay is smooth and extremely responsive. If my reactions were as responsive as the controls, I would never die. Unfortunately, as earlier stated, I am casual. The gunplay rarely feels unfair, if I get killed I feel as though it was either my bad reactions or my fault for not able to pick my shot correctly. For me, that is what an FPS should feel like. I need to be better to beat other people.The amount of content we have received, most of which has been free, has also been a welcome surprise to a franchise that was losing its way in the current trend of microtransactions and pay to win. For those who like added cosmetic items and would be willing to pay for them, this game offers plenty.

Thankfully, for those who are as tightfisted and as poor as myself, the cosmetics (or blueprints) are in no way advantageous or game breaking. One negative I must offer however, does regard the release of the new content. Now as previously stated, the content is great, but every time a new map is repeased, it can feel untested. What I mean by this is the spawns always appear to be broken and easily manipulated by smart players. Every COD game has had some issues with spawns but this year has felt quite a bit more problematic with the maps that have been released. Now obviously, the map shipment has poor spawns and that was to be expected from a map where there isnt enough room to swing a cat (Not that I have tried). However, I was amazed to find the spawns in Crash were just as appaling. That being said, once an issue has been reported to the team behind the development of the game (be that spawn issues or any OP mechanics) they are fixed as fast as possible.

When considering the content, it is impossible to ignore the abundance of good quality and entertaining game modes that have become a staple in the COD franchise. Combined with the addition of new modes such as the highly entertaining gunfight and a weekly playlist update, there is always something to keep even the most short attention spanned individual, such as myself, entertained. I understand some people lamenting the current lack of a battle royale mode, however this is a rumoured addition to the game, hopefully in the bear future.

Overall, this game has proved to be a solid, entertaining game, with enough content to entertain until the inevitable next COD.

Solid 76/90

Ive been AJ of the 90’s club, you have been amazing and I am sure we will see you soon.


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