Google Stadia – Who, What, Where??

Picture this….


Whenever….Wherever…. Forever…..

This is a concept many of us gamers have always wanted and it’s always seemed an unachievable goal but have google finally done it?? have they finally given every kid and big kid the thing we’ve all dreamt of??

The answer is YES!!!!… well…. Sort of…

So let’s go all the way back to the basics;

What is Google Stadia

To put it in layman’s terms google Stadia is gaming without a console. All you need is a log on and way of showing the content which can either be a TV (Chromecast) , Laptop (Desktop) and SELECTED Tablets or Phones…. and although google hate the term it’s “Netflix for games”…. Sounds amazing right?

My experience with Stadia

I Pre-Ordered the Stadia around 4 months before it was actually released in November. For the relatively low price of £119 with three months free and a free buddy pass it seemed like a bargain. It had unprecedented potential (Well relatively unprecedented I know stream link, PARSEC, Nvidia GeForce, Etc do it too) and with the social media buzz I signed on the dotted line.

BUT, the closer it got to November the more nervous I became… With every announcement google seemed to be taking some of the excitement and functionality out and with still no official release date just “The end of November” I was getting worried… First of all no wireless controller when on PC and then only certain Tablet and Mobiles able to stream. All of us who understand the development of a new piece of technology knew this would happen but you couldn’t help wondering,

“Have google shot themselves in the foot??”

Have they set themselves too much of a task and will this be another piece of google hardware that ends up on the ever growing google graveyard.

Gaming Catalogue

So, Lets have a look at the main point we buy consoles…. THE GAMES. so on initial release the google Stadia came with 9 games and I initially played Tomb raider and Destiny 2 (free games I might add). These two games are extremely different styles of game play and could offer me the best experience of the Stadia and show what I got for my money.

First of all I love Destiny 2. I’ve played it many, Many times on the PS4 and it’s a fantastic game. My game review would only rave about how good it is so I don’t want to review the game but how the Stadia coped with it and there’s only one word I can say…. the word we all expected but didn’t want to hear…. LATENCY!!!!! Oh god the latency…..

It was like playing a retro game from the 80’s…. I turned left… half asecond later my character looked left…. I shot… and the enemies shot me twice before my gun even fired…

I think it’s safe to say crossplay FPS games like fortnite and Modern warfare would be impossible and this is what

May kill the Stadia

After all, in the current social media/Gaming world connecting with friends and sharing experiences online is everything and the Stadia doesn’t (Currently) allow this.

Stadia, 2019 – 2020???

Can I stream Stadia?

Personally….Currently…. HELL NO!!! My internet speed isn’t bad @ 100 down/ 20 up with a pretty good computer but it’s no where near capable of Stadia gaming and streaming.

Could I in the future???

I don’t see why not and to be honest without The online Multiplayer FPS games (Or zero Latency which is being banded around) streaming may be the only way of saving the Stadia.

Picture this, Stadia streams directly to Youtube by the touch of a button using an “OBS cloud”, Get a partnership with streamlabs or StreamElement for the widgets and layouts, sign a few of the big streamers (And me obviously) and make it the easiest and cheapest way to stream and watch your favourite entertainers…. It has HUGE POTENTIAL!!!!….. but that’s a hell of an ask and I doubt google will invest that much time and effort for no initial reward.

Should you buy?

I believe the Stadia has huge potential and I do not regret my purchase and even though googles updates have been few and far between I’ll wait until mid 2020 before pulling the plug and placing it in the corner gathering dust with my Wii U and PS3. With the list of games growing it’s a great buy for a casual gamer who wants to play games like Football manager, Farming Simulator or Mortal Combat.

I love the fact at a touch of a few buttons I can play the Stadia wherever and whenever but unless you love a gadget (Like me) or like to be the first to trial new technology I would suggest waiting for the Base version of the stadia (No official release date yet…).

“I love a gadget me”…. If you have never watched Lee Evans you should haha

’90sclub official score –

I can’t wait to see the future of gaming

I hope your enjoyed reading my post and if you have any questions or comments drop me a message or comment below

….AND as usual make sure you subscribe to the ’90sclub

Thank you

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