Meet The Team


Y’alright everyone. AJ here. Best known in the stream as the one who screams a lot, the master of call outs or, as some viewers have said, the camp sounding one. Me and Jack have known each other since we were about 5 years old and became best friends throughout primary school and despite being in different secondary schools, we stayed close. Distance took its toll when university came calling, with me moving to Sheffield and jack moving to Derby. However, through gaming, we have reconnected over the past few year and are now extremely close friends again.

We starting gaming together when black ops 4 first came out and had such a fun time with plenty of laughter and naturally comedic moments. I suggested to Jack about streaming and this shit took off! With Miles added to our little clan, we entertained ourselves and the few people watching. I first starting gaming on the PS1. My first games were the original Rayman and Toca Touring cars 2. I was awful at both! Since then, I have owned almost every games console since and not really improved! My favourite games are most FPS games, and I love a good story driven RPG. An example of this is my owning of Skyrim on every system except for the nintendo switch. Other than gaming, I have a huge interest in football and pride myself on my extensive knowledge in the area. I am a Newcastle fan, originally from Manchester, currently living in Liverpool via Sheffield and Bolton. Multicultural….


I’m not good at talking about myself… So this will do…


Welcome. Bienvenue. Bienvenido. Willkommen. And to my adoring fans speaking Bengali, Shagatom. The concept of alluding to compose an online bio can be perceived to be an especially exigent yet an engaging task. However, I hope to provide a small, brief insight into the life of Melissa. Sorry, I meant Miles, not sure why I said, Melissa.

It was a cold, harsh, typical January (2019) winter evening. I had just retreated to the kitchenette and served myself up a delicious Kahlua Hot Chocolate. With nothing to watch on the television, I decided to return to my boudoir and switch on my Playstation. Now normally at this point, I would get what seems to be my daily fix of FIFA. However, Team of the Year had terminated and I wasn’t feeling it. So, instead, I loaded up Black Ops 4 and aimed to carry lots of little Timmy’s to plenty of wins. As it turned out, I was thrown into a match with 2 of the biggest little Timmy’s I’ve ever had the pleasure (or displeasure at times, but mainly pleasure!) of meeting – JHB1990 and AaJaCa1990. The two of them both rocking the MACC clan tag.

Now a small interlude here, I live on the southern coast of England, literally right on the southern coast, to me London is north. I’m no David Attenborough but I am aware that the MACC clan tag indicated to my Sherlock-Esque brain, Macclesfield. I shuddered internally. Then I shuddered externally. Then I turned my fire in my room up a notch. I braced myself. ‘HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO ANYONE GOT A MIC?’, Silence. ‘WHO DA F*** plays COD WITHOUT A MIC.’ The man termed as AJ shouted. But what followed was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

A few months later, bearing my new ‘Miles no speak’ or ‘Melissa tight-lips’ nickname. The gaming continued, the streams started, and the formation of Team JAM was created. The 90s club was designed and despite, never speaking, it just works. Thanks for reading.

Chief Marketing Officer of the 90s Club


I am Aero_Al (Alex). You may recognise me from such clips as “When big Al runs the show” and “Giveaway stream tonight!!! !Discord ! Socials ! Youtube”. All games are excellent but I really like the old school games like Super Metroid, Street Fighter and Super Mario Bros. My favourite gaming moment of 2019 is every day we all play COD together, JHB1990 has the best laugh and causes some great moments. Outside of FPS though Forza Horizon 3 with RoyalJester where we would buy clapped out cars, have a budget, race for more money to spend and see who the better racer is… it was me ;).got it

Mike 7_o_9

Twitch streamer Mike7_o_9 I am a casual PC gamer and avid “Trekki” living in East Midlands. I am a family man with a hunger for gaming, be warned though my skill level is no match for the appetite as can be seen on various videos compiled by Jack over the last year or so. Racing is the genre best suited to me as i am able to better fit this around work and family. I am a father of 3, 2 of which are also gamers Evesters_22, she actively streams Minecraft sessions on the PC; Hardr3acts once a streaming sensation has found love an now only streams occasionally.