Google Stadia – Who, What, Where??

Picture this….


Whenever….Wherever…. Forever…..

This is a concept many of us gamers have always wanted and it’s always seemed an unachievable goal but have google finally done it?? have they finally given every kid and big kid the thing we’ve all dreamt of??

The answer is YES!!!!… well…. Sort of…


Fifa – The past, The present, The future


Modern Warfare – 3 months in….

When it first came out, the hype for this game was incredible. Not since MW3 had myself and my friends been quite as excited for a game release from the Call of Duty franchise. Now, after approximately 3 months of very rigourous testing and many a rage quit, I feel in a good position to analyse the game as a self diagnosed, avid casual gamer.

Equipment Set up


Every F1 car has a 1.6 Litre 4-Stroke V6 Engine….

Every Concorde had a Rolls-Royce/Snecma Olympus 593 Engine…

Every Tesla Model S Ludicrous has a 100 kWh battery capable of 0 – 60 MPH in 2.275 Seconds…

And every Streamer needs the equipment to run their show and here’s mine…..



Hello and Welcome to My Introduction Post…
To make this Easier I’ve set out 10 Questions which will allow you to get to know me more. If you have any others feel free to write in the comments sections.

Q1) What’s your Name and Gamer tag?
My Name is Jack (JHB1990)

Q2) Where are you From?
I live in Derby, UK where I’ve lived for 10 years.

Q3) How long have you been creating content and Gaming?
I first started streaming and creating You tube Videos in April 2019 but I’ve been Gaming since as long as I can remember. My first real memory of gaming was playing Super Mario Bros on the NES at my Nan’s house where me and my siblings would compete for who could finish it the fastest.. This is where my competitive streak started Haha

Q4) Tell me something about yourself we won’t know?